what’s normal turn window ?
the Normal turn window is made of a global brand for the PVC sectors and are the ( Kompen ) brand for doors and windows UPVCAlso all the accessories used by the best brands of Turkish international ( Vorne ) brand specialized all door accessories and windows hinge PVC.
The turn normal window is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms for ventilation where a vertical opening method is installed on the outside by a fixed flynet to protect against insects or mosquito nets.
We also have a team of specialized engineers who can help you to choose the best design for your windowss to take advantage of the largest amount or area of ​​ventilation and the highest durability and quality, because our profile are armed from the inside galvanized iron to ensure the highest degree of safety and rigiditywe are able to implement any design whatever and as you like.Door and Windows are available in color: – White – Beige – Wooden – GrayIt also provides you with the doors and windows of the company: – Sound insulation and insulation to the soil to prevent the leakage of any soil to the inside of the house, and also our sectors are characterized as a buffer of water