Characteristics of PVC

What is the difference between alumetal and PVC windows?
Very few people know the big difference between UPVC and aluminum or wood. Most people think that UPVC is plastic or weak and could had lots of problems . But the fact that the windows and doors UPVC made of forced polyvinyl reinforced from the inside with galvanized iron to strengthen the sector and the house to prevent expansion or shrinking with the passage of time In addition to the doors and windows UPVC not reach the heat inside that’s why it’s provides the best insulation of heat inside the house, It does not need to be painted over time because it is not affected by ultraviolet light and therefore color has not changed over time , A strong insulation of the soil because of the thermal welding of corners of the windows + strong judgments and Koch, which is stuck in the net during the manufacturing process. . So why keeps an ordinary window for the installation of UPVC doors and windows

Warranty & Maintenance from ALUTURK Egypt Company:
ALUTURK Egypt undertakes to guarantee all its doors and windows used by the Turkish brand Kompen, with warranty for up to 10 years.
It also undertakes to guarantee all accessories used by the Turkish Vorne brand, with a guarantee and up to 5 years.

Features of the PVC:

1. Weather resistance.
PVC Windows and doors are installed, titanium dioxide stabilizes to withstand ultraviolet radiation and changing weather conditions can withstand high surface temperatures of up to 82 ° C without defects, meaning that they live long without impact in quality and are characterized Also it is anti-oxidant and iodine salts so it is very suitable for coastal areas.

2 – Heat insulation and energy saving.
Because of PVC profiles are made in the hollow chamber pattern before the extrusion process, which reduces the external heat dissipation in the interior area.

3 – water resistance.
The PVC window and door systems use the welded angles to prevent leakage of water inside the window and also enhance the interior with a rubber made of non-crackable BDE, which enhances waterproofing and various liquids.

4 – sound insulation.
Pvc window systems are made from multiple rooms within their structure, while these systems are equipped with multiple points of closure with a locking system point to ensure proper closing and tightness. This reduces the noise noise from outside, from one to eight of the original noise level Between 33 – 43 dB)

5- Corrosion resistance.
In urban areas and with high levels of pollution. Therefore, PVC window systems can withstand any erosion that can be caused by such conditions, especially coastal areas. Moisture can also cause damage to or erosion of UPVC.

6 – Fire resistance.
PVC windows are fully self-extinguishing fire extinguishing systems and the material from which these fluxes are made is a non-composite nitral material for high chlorine concentration, and the use of suitable compounds ensures high resistance to fire

7 – Attractive appearance.
PVC windows and doors are characterized by their smooth surface and well-welded angles. They are also available in many attractive colors such as white, beige, gray and gray. The PVC segments are different from other sectors. They do not require coating or maintenance for their lifespan. If you compare them with aluminum or wood, you will notice a difference in the cost of maintenance.

8-Strength and hardness.
The PVC segments are fitted with steel beams from the inside, giving them more rigidity and strength.

9. Accessories.
The PVC segments are strong and durable, with a wide range of accessories and accessories, as well as a Turkish-made look. All the accessories are from the Vorne brand and guarantee up to 5 years on the accessory.